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A huggable weighted pillow for anxiety, stress, loneliness & ADHD relief.

  • A new collection of weighted pillows from Quiet Mind is here to provide all the soothing, comforting pressure you could ask for.

    Lauren Phillips

    A new collection of weighted pillows from Quiet Mind is here to provide all the soothing, comforting pressure you could ask for.

  • This Weighted Pillow Is an Essential for Relaxing in Your Home

    Medgina Saint-Elien

    At the height of the pandemic, I found myself shopping online for just about anything and everything under the sun.

  • Weighted pillow relieves stress and insomnia

    Deena Manzanares

    Mikey Goldman, Quiet Mind CEO introduces us to the first ever weighted pillow that relieves both stress and insomnia.

  • The O List: Winter Wellness

    Holly Carter And Rae Ann Herman

    The stress-relieving, mood-boosting benefits of hugs abound. When a real embrace isn’t in the cards (or even if it is), consider this weighted pillow.

  • Launch Party: The Latest Home And Kitchen Products To Try Right Now

    Sholeen Damarwala - Forbes Staff

    The weighted pillow that's smaller in size, easy to care for and perfectly designed to sit in your lap, whether you're movie watching.

  • The Best Weighted Blankets for Calm and Comfort

    Medea Giordano | Jaina Grey

    You might be questioning how a weighted pillow could help, but this isn't for resting your head on—though it is incredibly comfortable to do so.

  • The 2023 Men's Health Sleep Awards

    Christian gollayan and mike richard

    This simple weighted pillow is like that but for adults.

  • Find peace with the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

    Sydney Jason

    To purchase one of the Quiet Mind weighted pillows, you can head to and if you use code GoodDay you can get 15% off.

  • An ADHDer's Honest Review of the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

    Dylan M. Austin

    I went into this thinking it would be a gimmick and immediately fell in love with it.

  • The 8 Best Weighted Products for a Deep Sleep

    Gaby Keiderling

    As Goldman explained earlier, the weighted pillow is an alternative to the blanket, using deep pressure in a more concentrated form.

  • This Week in Cool Things for Kids: A Sweet Sand-Castle Mold, 40% Off a Wicker Rocker, and More

    Morgan Bulman

    If your child loves the embrace a weighted blanket can provide…

  • All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In July

    Morgan Bulman

    I love how compact and huggable the pillow is and it’s great for everything from meditation to watching TV.

  • 33 Best Gifts for Girlfriends That'll Make Her Feel Thoroughly Spoiled

    Daisy Maldonado

    This weighted pillow is a total game-changer in my book.

  • 67 Best Wellness Gifts for Staying Happy and Healthy

    Michelle, Alexandra(Allie) and Christie

    Not unlike a weighted blanket, this weighted pillow is soothing to whoever is holding it. The soft pillow may help lower levels of stress, improve sleep, and even boost focus.

  • 20+ Soothing Products to Help You Make the Most of National Relaxation Day

    Amanda Mcarthur

    Quiet Mind's The Original Weighted Pillow is a great alternative to weighted blankets when the temperatures are high.

  • 10 Wellness Tools to Use After a Long Day in 2024

    Mia Brabham Nolan

    Quiet Mind’s Original Weighted Pillow is the cozy companion that has become a staple on our couch and our bed.

  • These Little Treats Are The Serotonin Boost We All Undoubtably Need This Week

    Abbey Westlin

    A weighted pillow to help ease all my anxieties (and there are a lot of them)

  • Best Wellness Gifts in 2024: Gift Ideas for Health and Well-Being

    Mariam Hakhyan

    For those desiring to enjoy the Deep Pressure Stimulation beyond the ordinary, Quiet Mind offers its huggable weighted pillow.

  • 2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Spray Tan Artists

    Kelsi Zimmerman

    Quiet Mind’s Weighted Pillow is the weighted blanket’s cooler, more versatile sister. The pillow can be used as a traditional pillow or held in your lap to ease your mind.

  • The 10 Self-Care Ideas From 2023 We Predict Are Here To Stay

    Laura Lane

    Remember the comfort of going to bed with a stuffed animal? Well, at this point we’ve all heard of the weighted blanket, which can help relax the nervous system.

  • How to Sleep Better With These 6 Tips

    Mariam Hakhyan

    Your bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and comforters, can have a significant impact on your sleep quality because it helps regulate your temperature.

  • The 30 Best Gifts For Homebodies Of 2024

    Jamie Fischer

    Stuffed animal enthusiasts are familiar with the comfort of snuggling up next to their cherished teddy bear, and this weighted pillow provides the same calming effect.

  • A psychotherapist’s 7 gift suggestions for self-care (or for others)

    Barton Goldsmith

    Quiet Mind weighted pillow: When I received a sample from the company and put it on the therapy couch, my clients fell in love with it.

  • Treat Yo Elf: 60 Self-Care Gifts to Help You Get Through the Holidays & Beyond


    In love with your weighted blanket? Then you need to try this weighted pillow. According to the brand, this oh-so-huggable, soft pillow.


    City Guide News Desk

    As we enter the stressful holiday season, many of us will be desperate for a good night’s sleep. Enter Quiet Mind—a stylish luxury weighted pillow.

  • The Root’s Ultimate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

    The Root

    Boasting benefits like better sleep and lower stress, Quiet Mind doesn’t disappoint with what’s easily “the world’s softest hug.” Additionally.

  • Great gift ideas for grownups

    Sandra Gordon

    The Quiet Mind weighted pillow is a next-gen weighted tool to help everyone say goodnight to insomnia and better cope with the chaos of the day.

  • This Weighted Pillow Wants Your Embrace: Smart Style

    JT Long

    Weighted pillows offer instant calm and relaxation in the air, on your lap or in the hotel room.

  • Weighted Pillows: The coolest thing since weighted blankets

    Suzy Forman

    This product is unique not only for being a pioneer in its field but also for its thoughtfully selected materials and design that cater to longevity and sensory satisfaction.

  • Hmm, What If Those Weighted Pillows Also Vibrated?

    Les Luchter

    The pillows provide deep pressure stimulation when placed on the body, squeezed or hugged, releasing such hormones as serotonin, dopamine, melatonin.

  • Best Sleep Gifts for Insomniacs, According to Experts

    Shishira Sreenivas

    Similar to a weighted blanket, this weighted pillow is designed to provide deep pressure stimulation, which could potentially boost your mood, alleviate stress and help you sleep faster.

  • Release endorphins that help calm stress and anxiety

    Rebecca Viscomi

    Quiet Mind is a weighted pillow, intended to support sleep throughout the day or night. The pillows are easy to hug, an act that has been scientifically proven to release endorphins...

  • The 56 Best Cozy Gifts For Staying In, Chilling Out, Winding Down, and Resting Up

    Melanie Ehrenkranz

    This new weighted pillow is a cool alternative to the weighted blanket. It’s a quality choice if someone feels claustrophobic underneath an entire blanket.

  • 37 Best Workout Gifts for Women

    Amanda Brooks

    You’ve probably heard about weighted blankets by now as a great tool for helping to ease anxiety, but have you heard about weighted pillows?

  • The 60 Best Wellness Gifts Anyone Can Appreciate

    Tiffany Dodson

    The family member who meditates on a regular basis will love using this cushy yet stable pillow, which contains recycled glass beads and soft polyurethane foam.

  • The Product Is A++ For Melting Away Anxiety & Helping You Sleep Better At Night

    Rebecca Viscomi

    Whether you hug the weighted pillow or simply place it on your body, the memory foam pillow molds to your body.

  • Quiet Mind weighted pillow review: A sensory pillow worth the price?

    Anna Wenner

    As a woman with ADHD, I was incredibly intrigued by the concept of Quiet Mind Weighted Pillows (available at Quiet Mind).

  • How Brands Are Making Their Entry on Threads, the Latest Twitter-Killer App From Meta


    Quiet Mind is going for the scattershot approach. The Santa Monica-based wellness brand launched its first product, a weighted pillow, in May 2023.

  • Ivy League-Approved Pillow - Beauty News NYC - The First Online Beauty Magazine


    Reporting from Princeton University, a college student who is (indeed) stressed out. Activities, classes, tests, outings..

  • Why Hugging a Quiet Mind Weighted

    Jeana Cohen Anderson

    If we were on TikTok right now, I’d be referring to myself as an “anxiety girlie” and as such, I have tried many, many anxiety coping mechanisms.

  • Take 5: The Joy of Risograph, a Weighted Blanket Alternative + More

    Kelly Beall

    I had high hopes that weighted blankets would be the answer to turning the volume down in my mind come bedtime. But, that didn’t end up being the case.

  • VINTAGE GAP x Sean Wothserspoon, Palace x Oakley and More Drops to Watch This Week

    Kelly Beall

    You can also give your dad the gift of relaxation with Quiet Mind, NEW wellness brand on a mission to create clever solutions for everyday.

  • Take some stress out of your trip with these comfy, supportive travel pillows — from $12

    Jack Byram

    Quiet Mind’s Original Weighted Pillow takes the benefits of a weighted blanket in the form of a travel pillow.

  • 35 gifts the Cancer in your life will love

    Jolie Kerr

    Gifts of self-care will play well with Cancers, making anything that provides a soothing vibe a great choice.

  • Quiet Mind is a New Wellness is a New Wellness Brand

    Grace Mahas

    Quiet Mind, a new player in the wellness industry, is set to make waves with their innovative approach to tackling common disorders such as ADHD, insomnia, and loneliness

  • Our favorite new products this month: Amazon, Versed, Our Place and more

    Zoe Malin

    Quiet Mind’s Original Weighted Pillow is the brand’s first product, offering shoppers an alternative to weighted blankets that has similar calming effects.

  • Brands spotted: May 19th, 2023 | Thingtesting

    Emma Chozik

    Quiet Mind makes weighted pillows to aid suffering from ADHD, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and loneliness.

  • Editors’ picks: The 51 best products we tried and loved in May

    Rachel Dennis

    I’ve been sleeping with my Quiet Mind weighted pillow every single day since it arrived in the mail. As a side sleeper, I love curling up to this pillow at night.

  • Quiet Mind Pillow

    Kelly Symone

    Quiet Mind is the first weighted pillow that’s shown to reduce nighttime anxiety and sleeplessness in thousands of ADHD and insomnia sufferers alike due to its huggable nature, which helps the brain release a hormone called oxytocin.

  • The Five Senses May Calm Your Anxiety

    Kaytee Gillis

    Using the senses can provide a grounding feeling and reduce stress.

  • Sleep-Deprived Zombie? Ditch The Pills & Try These Sleep Gadgets

    Jon Luman

    Ever tried deep pressure stimulation (DPS)? Basically, it’s gentle yet firm pressure (think weighted blanket) that hacks your nervous system to relax the body and mind.

  • Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

    Brody Wooddell

    Developing a weighted pillow that didn’t feel like a workout required innovation. The primary hurdle was to integrate the weight seamlessly, ensuring that it didn’t activate the body’s stress response.

  • Unlocking Serenity: The Science Behind The Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow + The Power Of Deep Pressure Stimulation

    Victoria Barbieri

    Unlock the science-backed wonders of the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow! Powered by Deep Pressure Stimulation.

  • TRY IT TUESDAY: Quiet Mind Weighted Pillows

    WDAF - Kansas City

    For California-based inventor Mikey Goldman, self-care was the mother of his invention when he designed Quiet Mind Weighted Pillows to ease his ADHD symptoms.

  • Only one week left! Shop our editors’ Valentine’s Day picks for luxe fashion, beauty, jewelry, chocolate, and self-care gifts your love will LOVE!

    Tanya Sharma

    Give the gift of comfort!

  • 33 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All the Men In Your Life

    Martha Stewart Editors

    While the heft of a weighted blanket can help him relax at night and sleep more deeply, a smaller, more portable weighted pillow lowers stress, helps him manage sensory overload, and counteracts distractions during the day.

  • A Quick Cuddle Can Help You Sleep, Says An Expert – And You Don’t Need A Partner To Feel The Benefits

    Ruth Jones

    This helps you feel more safe and secure, more grounded, and gives you a sense of companionship.

  • Catching Zzz’s Naturally

    Joy Choquette

    How lifestyle habits and natural supplements may improve sleep and relaxation. Eating well. Drinking lots of water. Exercise and rest.

  • How Much Sleep Do You Need? Recommended Sleep Hours By Age

    Amber Sayer, MS, CPT, CNC

    This product was initially designed for people with ADHD and anxiety as a way to promote a sense of calm and relaxation during the day or at night.

  • The 9 Best Meditation Cushions to Ground Your Practice

    Tiffany Dodson

    Mikey Goldman, Quiet Mind CEO introduces us to the first ever weighted pillow that relieves both stress and insomnia.

  • 56 Best Gifts for Your Boyfriend at Every Stage of the Relationship

    Madi Koetting

    Relationships are sometimes a stressor for those who overthink. To really take a load off, gift him a weighted pillow that combats stress and anxiety.

  • Emotional Fitness: Self-care and a nicer life are real gifts

    Barton Goldsmith

    When I received a sample from the company and put it on the therapy couch, my clients fell in love with it.

  • Dr. Barton Goldsmith’s Holiday Gift Guide

    Dr. Barton Goldsmith

    When I received a sample from the company and put it on the therapy couch, my clients fell in love with it. 

  • 20 Random-but-Useful November Purchases PureWow Staffers Are Obsessed With

    Olivia Dubyak

    It’s only six pounds, but it gives me a calming feeling when I put it on my chest when I’m napping or going to sleep, without the claustrophobic feeling.

  • The Best Gifts for Encouraging Great Sleep in 2023

    Amanda Mcarthur

    Quiet Mind’s The Original Weight Pillow has options starting at six pounds that can be used as a pillow or hugged, squeezed and held to combat anxiety, stress and fidgetiness.

  • The 70 Best Gifts for New Homeowners of 2024

    Megan Boettcher and Maria Conti

    Help them relax in their new home with the Quiet Mind Original Weighted Pillow. Designed to help reduce stress and promote relaxation

  • The Absolute Best Holiday Gifts for Women, According to Women

    Suzy Forman

    For the Woman Who Needs a Self-Care Moment: We’ve all heard of — and probably gifted — weighted blankets before. But have you tried a weighted pillow?

  • The Ultimate Betchy Breakdown Of The Best Gifts To Give This Year

    Abbey Westlin

    These weighted pillows will feel like a hug they never knew they needed

  • The 60 Best Wellness Gifts Anyone Can Appreciate

    Tiffany Dodson

    The family member who meditates on a regular basis will love using this cushy yet stable pillow, which contains recycled glass beads and soft polyurethane foam.

  • How Weighted Blankets Can Improve Sleep Quality & Reduce Insomnia?

    Medical Device News Magazin

    Setting up your bedroom to be a restful place can help trigger feelings of relaxation. Also, swapping out your old pillow for the Quiet Mind cuddle pillow, reducing distractions...

  • Best Black Friday Deals on Pillows in 2023

    Mariam Hakhyan

    For people looking for relaxation and calm but reluctant to use weighted blankets, Quiet Mind presents its first product — the original weighted pillow.

  • The 80 Best Gifts for College Students in 2024

    Alida Nugent And Laura Kristine Miller

    The Original Weighted Pillow from Quiet Mind offers a bit of huggable heft that can help calm and relax, whether you’re squeezing the pillow or just resting it in your lap.